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Micky Torpedo is a Composer/Producer/Performer who has produced, collaborated, and toured with many artists throughout the country. Along with helping other artists and students find their musical voice, he's constantly refining his craft as a composer and songwriter. He creates everything from instrumental, ambient compositions, to rowdy rock and roll with bands like Go Go Torpedo, Evil Zenith, Purple Hell, and others.


His new album, "Birdsongs, Vol 2 - Sounds Of The Bell Bowl Prairie" is out May 11th, 2024. This is the second in a collaborative series with Sinnissippi Audubon. The compositions are inspired by bird calls from various species and the instrumentation varies between piano and guitars, to woodwinds, brass, and strings. It stylistically blurs the lines between ambient, classical, avant-garde and folk. All physical cd and merch sales benefit Sinnissippi Audubon Society and Natural Land Institute.


In 2020 and 2021 he released a four part series of instrumental albums based on the seasons called the Season Cycles. Those compositions were strictly based on keyboard instruments, both acoustic and electronic. With an occasional drum machine (1960s "Rhythm Ace") and only one track that uses the human voice to create an atmospheric collage.  

In 2007, Micky founded Underground Squirrel Studio. Underground Squirrel is a "creative space dedicated to the production, recording, learning, teaching, practice, and composition of music," based in Rockford, IL. This is where you'll find him most days working on various recording projects or teaching music.

In 2014, Micky founded Black Squirrel Underground, a small record label and publishing company, based in Rockford, IL. This label was created as an avenue to release his own music, but also to help other original artists create and share their music with the world.

Formerly an adjunct Professor of Music and Audio Engineering for Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL, Micky holds A.A. and B.A. Degrees in Music. He is a graduate from Northern Illinois University Music Program, and was the Co-Founder of Rock and Roll Institute NFP, a 501C3 nonprofit music camp for kids, where he served as president until 2022.

If you are interested virtual music lessons, or if you're an artist looking for production guidance, visit the contact page to find out more information.

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